Selling A Home

Selling a Home

Are you thinking about selling a home? Want to know the best strategies before going to the market? What should your home be priced at when going to market? How should your home be marketed? One of the most important aspect of selling your home is to make sure your very first introduction to the market, is the very best.

You Only Get One Chance to Make a First Impression

So hire the right real estate agent when selling a home. You want to be sure when you put your home on the market, it shows in the best light possible. Otherwise you could cost yourself a lot of money in the end. If you are selling a home in Northern Virginia, contact me so we can work together to get your home sold. Outside of Northern Virginia, I can provide you with a great referral who will work hard to get your home sold.

The Price of Your Home

There are some misconceptions out there about what the price should be when selling your home. Here are a few:

  • The price should be determined by what you paid for your home –NO

  • The price should be based on what YOU NEED to get out of the home –NO

  • The price should be driven by what YOU WANT to get out of your home –NO

  • The price should be based on what your NEIGHBORS say it is worth –NO

Once you are ready to sell your home, pricing it correctly is extremely important. So many times I hear people tell me what their home is worth because they saw it on some giant website site that provides estimates. My question to them is, when was the last time that website was physically INSIDE your home? Or any of the house in your neighborhood?

While there may factors that go into pricing your home, if you have an idea how your house compares to the one that just sold down the street, it is helpful in the process. It is easy to know what your neighbor listed their house for, but it is a whole other thing to know what price they got at the closing table.

Sold Information is Very Important

The price that your neighbor good it very important and relevant to the process, but not not readily available. However, I can provide this information to you in one of two ways:

Request to receive my monthly email list that shows what has sold in YOUR neighborhood.
Use this website to obtain SOLD information. On the Property Search screen, create a search with your neighborhood information, and click the SOLD button.

Contact me if you are thinking about selling your home. When we meet, I will provide you information about my marketing strategies that will be important when selling your home. I will maximize the exposure of your home while it is on the market and get the most money possible at closing. Now isn’t that what every seller would like when selling their home?


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