Where Is the BEST Place To Watch The World Cup in Arlington VA?

By Kuppan Gayathri


Now that the World Cup 2014 has officially kicked off are you looking for the best place to watch the world cup in Arlington VA? As you know, a good seat is critical to optimize the world cup came experience. So where are the best local places to watch the World Cup in Arlington VA?


The Crystal City Sports Pub is a great place to view the 2014 World Cup. Located at 529 23rd Street S Arlington, VA 22202 the Pub has limited free parking in the lot across the street and with over 100 TV’s to view the World Cup, this is a great place to take in the action, you are sure not to miss a thing! With some of the games taking place during their Monday – Friday happy hour specials $5 appetizers and discounted beers, it’s a great place to cheer on USA, and your favorite team when they USA isn’t playing.


Another place that is in 22202 and has a large soccer following is Sine Irish Pub and Restaurant located at 1301 S. Joyce Street in Pentagon City, Arlington 22202. They too are running specials. The $3.50 draft beer special is tied to the country that is play, WHAT will be the beer on Monday when USA plays their first game? Also they are running $5 appetizer specials and $15 bud and bud light beer bucks.

If there is a location I have left off, please comment below and if there is a special I didn’t mention, leave that comment too.


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