Want Affordable Solar Power For Your Home?

By Geva Lester

Join the Arlington Solar Co-op

And Save 30% on the Cost of Solar Panels – Deadline Fast Approaching!

Have you ever considered what solar power could do for your home? Are you interested in lowering your energy bills and reducing carbon footprint with solar energy? Have you ever wondered if your house would be a good candidate for solar panels? Arlington County, ACE, and Virginia Sun are spreading the word about a solar co-op available to Arlingtonians for a limited time.

Purchasing and installing solar by yourself can be confusing and costly, but by joining the solar power co-op members will save 30% off the cost of a solar system and they’ll have the support of the co-op to answer questions throughout the process. The first step to the process is to inquire at the link below and then have a quick and free solar assessment done on your home to see if solar panels would work on your roof. Interested Arlingtonians can CLICK HERE to sign up or learn more.

As you can see from the steps outlined below, there is no true commitment until you have all the information about what solar power will cost. This is just a really good way to get bundle/discount pricing on Solar Power.

  1. Learn more about solar power and how solar coops work HERE
  2. Join Your Local Solar Power Coop-Any resident of Arlington can sign up online HERE
  3. Get A Roof Review-Your roof will be reviewed via satellite to ensure your roof is a good candidate for solar panels.
  4. Soliciate Local Bids-The co-op will go out an socialite bids for the needs of the whole group
  5. Review Bids As A Solar Power Group
  6. Get Individual Proposals
  7. Sign The Contract
  8. Installation
  9. Save Money And Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

While there are no more Information Sessions, this graphic is a good visual depiction of the process that this solar power initiative flows through.

Solar power

Arlington County Solar Power Co-op

Chris Somers is a great resource at Arlington County if you would like to contact him for further information email him at EMAIL ADDRESS.

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