Oakridge Elementary School Kids Fitness

By Kuppan Gayathri


Oakridge Elementary School PTA has an amazing kids fitness initiative called 2fit2quit. The concept behind the initiative is to get kids moving at school, but to encourage families to be active together outside of school hours. 2fit2quit is 100% volunteer based organization that relies on the active PTA at Oakridge Elementary School in addition to support from local community businesses.

Throughout the year, 2fit2quit will be adding additional activities so the kids fitness and involvement would ideally increase. Getting our kids moving and helping them to understand the priority while incorporating activities into their daily lives is imperative.

For the Oakridge Elementary School year 2014-2015 the 2fit2quit calendar of events for students and families is as follows (stay tuned for updates throughout the year):

Friday 9/26 Oakridge Elementary School Night at the Nationals Baseball Game

Wednesday 10/8 National Walk to School Day
Saturday 10/25 Oakridge Elementary School participation in Marine Corp Marathon Fun Run

Wednesday 11/5 PTA Family Pool Float Night at Sport & Health – Crystal Park Club

Wednesday 2/18 PTA Family Ice Skating Night at Pentagon Row

Monday 5/4 Oakridge Elementary School Night at the Nationals Baseball Game
Wednesday 5/6 National Bike to School Day

Wednesday 6/3 Oakridge Elementary School Family Fitness Fair

If you or somebody you know in the community that would like to offer an event or activity that would contribute to the kids fitness at Oakridge Elementary School, please contact me.

If you are looking into Arlington County Public Schools, Oakridge Elementary School is the neighborhood school for Addison Heights, Aurora Highlands and Arlington Ridge and more generally the 22202 zip code. The school is K-5 and is tucked away in an idyllic location within the neighborhood. But is very accessible so kids can easily walk or bike to school while relying on the safety of a crossing guard at the busiest street of 23rd and Arlington Ridge should they need to cross.


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