MLS Listings : The Right Tool To Use When Performing a Property Search

By Kuppan Gayathri

MLS Listings Explained

Just when you think you found your dream home, you call your real estate agent to ask about a property only to find that it isn’t on the market or that is has been under contract for weeks!

If you aren’t using the right application when performing searches for property, it could just be a HUGE waste of time. The Multiple Listing Service or MLS Listings as it is commonly known, is the place where agents list properties and update the status of properties.

Logically, that means that the MLS Listings is the source of the data, the go to place to get the most accurate information. But you are not an agent or are not getting listing updates from your real estate agent, how does a consumer get the best data? Find a website this is linked to the MLS Listings.

If you want to us a tool that gives you accurate an update to date MLS Listings information, try my website. My website search tool is linked directly to the MLS Listings, as is my mobile app. What does that mean? When home buyer’s and seller’s come to my site, they are getting the most accurate and up to date information.

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The Other Search Tools

When you use any of the other big name search tools to look for real estate, chances are that the information is outdated and sometimes not even accurate. READ: Somebody else got your dream house before you even knew about it!

I’ve had clients call me looking for information that they found on that “estimator” website only to find that it isn’t on the market and never was. I’ve gone on listing appointments where clients have told me what they think there is home is worth because they looked on “estimator” website and the site told them they should get a Zillion more dollars than it is truly worth. When was the last time a website came into your house and saw the upgrades or lack thereof? It is a ballpark, but something that has to be adjusted based on several factors.

What Homes Have Sold For In YOUR Neighborhood And For HOW Much?

If you are interested in keeping up to date on what the market is doing in your neighborhood, there are two different ways I can help you. First you can go to my website and get the information whenever you would like, however, if you prefer a more automated approach, I can help with that too. Reach out to me and I will create a monthly report of what has sold in your neighborhood. I can email it to you monthly and it will pull from the MLS so it will be coming directly from the source.

Accurate Searching

Dream Home

Because we live in an area where inventory is tight and demand is high, make sure you have the most up to day information. Know the MINUTEthe house with the beautiful white picket fence came up for sale in your neighborhood. Want to be the first to know when a new listing appears in the Oakcrest neighborhood of Arlington, VA. Let me send you real estate information from the MLS Listings. Friends don’t let friends search out dated listings and friends don’t let friends list on outdated websites.

On my website, if you register when searching area properties, you obtain sold information as well. This data is not readily available to most consumers through other property search sites, but it is a great tool to educate a seller or buyer about a particular market or neighborhood.

Step-By-Step How To Find Sold Data

  1. Click on Find A Home
  2. Create a search
  3. Search
  4. Click on the button in the top right-hand-side that says “Unlock Exclusive Data”
  5. Create an account

Once you have gone through these steps, you are logged in, go back to the search screen and a the top of the page, there are four search options: Active Listings, Open Houses, SOLDS and Foreclosures.

If you would like to receive a monthly email of the solds in your neighborhood or the most up to date listing information, contact me below.


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