Middle School Girls' Dance

By Geva Lester


Urban Kangaroo Hip Hop Dance Class

Calling all Middle School Girls! This Hip Hop Dance Class is just for you.

I am excited to announce that Urban Kangaroo is offering a hip hop dance class geared toward middle school girls this fall in Aurora Highlands. This class will be at Calvary United Methodist Church directly after Gunston Middle School dismissal. Please share this invite with your daughters' friends and fellow neighbors! This is the second year this class is being offered, Ms. Shona taught it last year and it was SO MUCH FUN!! Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.


Dates: Wednesdays this fall, 8 consecutive weeks most likely beginning in October, dates to be confirmed asap (details to follow)

Time: 2:45pm - 3:35pm

Location: Calvary United Methodist Church, 2315 S. Grant Street, Arlington VA 22202

Cost: $120 for 8 classes

Class description

Urban Kangaroo is a locally owned business created to provide energetic, age-appropriate dance entertainment for youth. As the dance crew leader Ms Shona teaches each hip hop dance classes that include a new dance every week, cardio and strength training, tutorials on basic core hip hop and jazz movements, introduction to old school styles, and choreography for a final performance piece. The goal of the class will be to provide a fun, new way to exercise that also helps the girls build their self-confidence.

How to Register

Payment of $120 can be made out to Urban Kangaroo and will be collected at the first class. Please note that refunds are not given for missed classes. To register please send me an email with the following information and I will save your daughter a space in the class.

1.Student Name

2.Student Grade,

3. Parent Name

4. Parent Email

5. Parent Cell

6. Emergency Contact and Cell #

7. Form of dismissal (walking home alone, friend picking dancer up, etc)

8. Any allergies / Medical issues I should be aware of?

9. Can you stay to chaperone for one of the classes?

Class Logistics

I am happy to help organize carpools from Gunston as well as to give any students a ride to Oakridge after the class if dancers need to meet parents/siblings. Dancers only need to bring water and wear comfortable clothes/sneakers to class.

Thanks for considering,
Shona Colglazier, aka Ms. Shona
Urban Kangaroo


6820 Elm Street, McLean, VA 22101
Office  (703) 636-7300

Licensed in Virginia, everywhere else by referral.