Do You Have Enough?

By Geva Lester


Financial Security Seminar

Do you ever feel like you don’t have quite enough?

Attend this FREE seminar sponsored by Geva Real Estate Group.

Enough money to handle emergencies, travel, buy a house, pay off those credit cards bills, save for college, or retire someday? This so common among smart, educated professionals in the DC area. Here people need financial savvy to deal with our high cost of living, but in this fast-paced area they are often too busy to spend a lot of time developing the knowledge they need. If this is you here is a quick and easy way to get you moving in the direction of your financial goals.

Christine Lane is a financial coach who works with professional in the area personal finance to help them achieve financial security while still affording the things they want most in life. This is otherwise known as the state of “enough.” She will be giving a 45 minute presentation to will teach you about the Four Pillars of Financial Security and how to implement them, so you too can have enough to live the life you want.

Or maybe you feel you don’t have enough knowledge to manage your money competently. Either way, the Four Pillars of Financial Security Event is for you.

Learn more about Mind Over Money and Christine Lane CLICK HERE

When: Wednesday, October 18 6:30-8 p.m.

Where: Linden Resources 750 23rd St S, Arlington, VA 22202

RSVP: to Geva at 703.283.4938 via phone call or text

Come in the front door and somebody at the desk will direct you to the conference room upstairs.

Please RSVP, pizza will be provided from Extreme Pizza.


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