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By Kuppan Gayathri

Potomac Yards Playground


Potomac Yard Playground

As a parent of young children, I hesitate to blog about the best playground in Arlington VA (technically located in Alexandria), BUT here goes. The Potomac Yards Playground opened in late 2013 behind the Pulte Homes at Potomac Yard, Alexandria, VA and is located on Potomac Avenue.

We have seen a lot of playgrounds in our days in and around Arlington, but I have to say this one is hands down THE best. The whole playground is lined with the safe rubber playground material that allows kids to be a little more daring without parents thinking every play session could end in a trip to the emergency room.

Also there are two different fenced off sections with ONE exit for each that goes to a courtyard with tables and chairs. While I haven’t been able to confirm this, but suspect in the next few weeks I will know for sure, I believe there is a sprayground feature in the courtyard of the park.

Playground Features


Potomac Yard Playground Features

The jungle gym at this playground is massive and pleasing to all ages. My kids are several years apart and both are very entertained. There are swings for kids young, old and those with disabilities that might prevent them from sitting on a traditional swing.

A short list of items include a zip line, climbing wall, jungle gym galore, balance beams, musical instruments and MANY, MANY other things. Additionally, with the bike path that surrounds the playground, this is a great place to let your kids learn to ride a bike. So I would definately rate this as the best playground in Arlington VA or at least the best playground near Arlington VA.

Where is this playground?

The playground is on Potomac Avenue in Alexandria. This is the new road that runs behind Target in Alexandria, VA. If you are coming from Arlington, head south on the road behind Harris Teeter, Target and the movie theater. About a mile past Target, you will see the playground on the left hand side. CAUTION parking is limited.


Arlington VA Playgrounds

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