Arlington Real Estate: Sold! 523 24th Street S Arlington 22202

By Kuppan Gayathri

Arlington Real Estate : Sold! A diary of Arlington Real Estate transactions.

To provide prospective buyer’s and seller’s an idea of how the typical and not so typical real estate transactions are going. It gives some idea of the pulse of the market.

Because my clients wanted to purchase Arlington real estate in a particular neighborhood, Addison Heights, due to the metro access, and walking distance to shops, restaurants the library and many parks, we had to have this particular house. The layout suited his needs perfectly. However, the home was overpriced for the condition. So after months of contact with the listing agent and watching the market, READ: PERSEVERANCE, we were able strike a deal with the seller to close on this this gem in the rough for my clients.

The house had been on the market for a few months and while it was getting a lot of traffic, the price and condition did not match for this Arlington real estate. Even in a seller’s market, if not priced appropriately, a home will not sell.

Back in February, my buyers made an offer that matched price, condition and where the market was at the time.


My client is a patient fellow, so we waiting. After four months of communication with the listing agent AND waiting, the seller finally came down to a reasonable price and we jumped in. The inspections determined the home was solid and termites didn’t stand a chance in this house.

So now the journey of home ownership with a fixer upper will begin. With a modest amount of capital and a little bit of elbow grease my clients will have a real gem sitting on almost an 8,000 square foot lot in 22202! That concludes this episode of Arlington Real Estate : SOLD!

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