Arlington Real Estate: Sold! 3833 8th Street S

By Kuppan Gayathri

Arlington Real Estate : Sold! A diary of Arlington Real Estate transactions.

To provide prospective buyer’s and seller’s an idea of how the typical and not so typical Arlington real estate transactions are going. It gives some idea of the pulse of the market.

My clients purchased this place on a beautiful lot in the Alcova Heights neighborhood of Arlington, VA. After closing, one of the buyer’s was enjoying the semi-sweet fruit of one of the Mulberry trees on the property. Many of the beautiful trees on the property will remain as over the next few months this address goes through a redevelopment.

Alcova Heights is a great neighborhood with a rich history that is becoming increasingly more popular due to it’s close proximity to the Pentagon, Washington D.C. and Pentagon Row and the talk of a trolley car route up Columbia Pike. Additionally, this area is known for more affordable homes with larger lots and wonderful amenities close such as Alcova Heights Park and lots of wonderful ethnic restaurants such as my favorite, Bangkok 54 Restaurant.

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