Arlington Public Schools – Neighborhood vs. Choice Elementary School

By Geva Lester

Arlington Public Schools - Elementary Choice Schools

Arlington Public Schools (APS) offers many different choices for students. Arlington Public Schools have lots of different options from neighborhood schools to what APS refers to as "Choice Schools". These are school options available to students by their neighborhood schools. Some Choice Schools include Spanish Immersion, Montessori and Expeditionary learning schools. Finding the right school for your child can be overwhelming, so here is additional information.


Learn About The Schools

Different schools at APS offer different things. So not all schools are going to be a good fit for all kids. Therefore, doing a little research about the Arlington Elementary schools can help narrow down the choices. To view the APS neighborhood schools and choice school options, CLICK HERE.

A few of the Choices Schools are highlighted below:

Arlington Traditional School – is based on the traditional philosophy of teaching which include focus on the basic education and the core academic areas, grooming, dress and behavior standards and more of the traditional educational principals.

Campbell Elementary School – is an Expeditionary Learning School, where students learn through authentic hands on experiences and through nature. Developmental appropriateness is key at Campbell, where students learn and develop at their own pace.

Claremont Immersion Elementary School-is one of the Spanish Immersion Schools offered by Arlington Public Schools. The school is a dual language immersion program where children learn a second language in a natural way. This is taught through everyday conversation and content instruction. Students spend half of their day in a Spanish-language classroom learning math, Spanish reading/writing and science. The other portion of the day is taught in English learning reading, writing, social studies and physical education.

Drew Model School-is one of the choice Arlington Elementary Schools and is the Montessori program based upon Dr. Maria Montessori philosophy of “educating the whole child.”

Hoffman-Boston Elementary School – has focused on the program Project Edison which is based on teaching and learning enhanced communications skills through technology and integration of the arts. To further build on these principals, the school implemented the STEM Program (STEM= Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

Information Sessions

Arlington Public Schools do a great job of holding information sessions on all of the Arlington Elementary schools. These help make the Arlington Public School Choice Schools option a little bit clearer. APS provides parents the opportunity to go and see and compare the different neighborhood schools as well as the choice schools. The sessions generally run in late January through early March. CLICK HERE for more information on the Arlington Elementary schools open house and information sessions. To see a list of Arlington Public School information sessions CLICK HERE.

How Do The Schools Compare

There are many different ways to determine what school is right for you, it is not a one size fits all. Below is a list of resources to research information on these schools.

Arlington Public Schools Statistical Information 2016

Great Schools

Additional Supporting Information

Arlington Magazine – “Going Public”


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