Addison Heights Elementary Schools-Options for Parents

By Kuppan Gayathri

Arlington, VA Public School Options – What the heck are they?

Often I hear people discussing the neighborhood school that their children will be attending and often aren’t even aware of the different options in Arlington Public Schools. As a parent that has a child in one of the Addison Heights Elementary School options, I have done a lot of research on this topic.

In my opinion, there are great neighborhood schools and great options for schools in South Arlington. In Aurora Hills, Arlington Ridge and Addison Heights elementary school for the neighborhood is Oakridge Elementary. I have toured the school and spoke to many parents who have children in the school and all and all they are very happy with the quality of education, curriculum and extra circular activities. Here is a quote from a very active Oakridge parent, Dana –

Oakridge has made amazing steps toward a healthier school and community. With the support of a wonderful administration, we have been able to establish programs and events that help promote fitness and healthy habits for our students and families. We will host our 2nd annual family fitness night in June which is a free event with fitness classes, healthy stations, dinner and free raffles and giveaways.

We have walk/bike to school Wednesdays throughout the year where students receive a pin to which they add beads for every day they participate. Additionally, we just concluded a five week FREE running program which was held three mornings a week, with over 50 students’ participation. It was such a huge success, we are beginning a FREE track and field program two mornings a week in April.
Helping students and families create a healthy lifestyle is very important to Oakridge and we are so proud to be able to offer all of these wonderful programs and events- most if which are free. We have such tremendous support from our parents, teachers and administrators. Everybody working together will allow us to continue to expand or PTA’s 2fit2quit initiative in line with the First Lady’s “Let’s Move Schools” program.

In addition to neighborhood schools, Arlington has what is known as Choice Schools, which ones are available is determined by your neighborhood school zone. These schools are open to a particular neighborhood based on availability, if there is a wait list, which also has priorities such as sibling preference and particular neighborhood schools.

Claremont Immersion School is a choice school for our neighborhood and a place I personally can’t say enough good things about it. We sent our son to Claremont because the opportunity to learn a second language early and being bilingual is priceless. This is a good place to insert an article about this from the NYT about the benefits of being bilingual. Click Here He spends the first half of his day in Spanish and the second half in English.

Other Addison Heights elementary schools that are available to residents of our neighborhood as options are Drew which is the Montessori Elementary School, Arlington Traditional School and Campbell which is an Expeditionary Learning School. To learn more about and Expeditionary Learning School, Click Here.

Looking for a Montessori school? Well then Arlington Public Schools has your answer. Drew is a Montessori choice school for K-5th grade. Click this link for more information about Drew Elementary School.

The last school option for the Aurora Highlands, Addison Heights, Oakcrest and Arlington Ridge neighborhoods is Arlington Traditional School. This is a Blue Ribbon school that focus’ on the structured traditional way of learning. A very popular school that does a double blind lottery for those that apply. Click this link for more information about ATS.

In summary, we felt the schools provided a lot of great options and it was a tough choice. It was a tough decision for us because nothing beats the community of a neighborhood school like Oakridge. However, we were intrigued by the Arlington Public Choice Schools as they offer something truly amazing and different. No two children are the same, therefore, different schools fit different children. Here is a link to the different elementary school zones in Arlington, VA and the choices available Click Here . As a side note, Arlington also has choice middle and high schools, more to come on that.

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