5 Tips of Seller Etiquette – As You Leave

By Geva Lester

Seller Etiquette.

Five tips of seller etiquette after their home has been sold. These are really nice gestures that a seller can easily do for the incoming buyer of their home.

  • Cleaning Protocol

    The Virginia real estate contract calls for the seller to leave the home broom clean. However, a seller should leave the home in the condition they would like to receive it. Either do a final cleaning of the home. However, if time or energy do not allow, hire a cleaning service. Your REALTOR® should be able to recommend one if you don’t know of any.

  • House Papers

    Leave all the owners manuals and paperwork for existing service contracts. I have had sellers create a binder of the home that includes all important documents. While this is not necessary, it is very much appreciate.

  • Leftovers

    Before leaving the half gallons of leftover paint, ask the buyers if they would like them. It is possible they will have the whole house painted and not need any of the old paint. Rather than leave it, dispose of it properly. It will be one less thing the new buyers need to worry about.

  • Holes

    As you taking down pictures and artwork from the walls, patch the holes. If touch up paint is necessary, it would be nice if you did that too.

  • S.A.S.E

    Leave self address stamped envelops for the buyers of your home. That way, when mail comes for you, the new homeowner can easily drop it in the mail to you.

This list of seller etiquette is not mandatory, but would be a nice way to leave your house for the new buyer. Wouldn’t it be nice if the seller of your home performed some seller etiquette for you?

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